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Continent Code AS
Continent Name Asia
Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) ID
Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) IDN
Country Name Indonesia
Country Flag country__flag
Country Capital Jakarta
District/County Panakkukang
City Makassar
Zip Code 90232
Latitude & Longitude of City -5.13382 , 119.43151
Geoname ID 12290942
Is EU? false
Calling Code +62
Country TLD .id
Languages id,en,nl,jv
ISP PT Fajar Techno System
Connection Type
Organization PT Fajar Techno System
AS Number AS56245
Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Currency Code IDR
Currency Symbol Rp
Timezone Asia/Makassar
Timezone Offset 8
Current Time 2022-05-17 06:51:27.821+0800
Current Time Unix 1.652741487821E9
Is DST? false
DST Savings 0

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$ curl https://api.ipgeolocation.io/ipgeo?ip=
"continent_code": AS
"continent_name": Asia
"country_code2": ID
"country_code3": IDN
"country_name": Indonesia
"country_capital": Jakarta
"district": Panakkukang
"city": Makassar
"zipcode": 90232
"latitude": -5.13382
"longitude": 119.43151
"is_eu": false
"calling_code": +62
"country_tld": .id
"languages": id,en,nl,jv
"country_flag": https://ipgeolocation.io/static/flags/id_64.png
"isp": PT Fajar Techno System
"organization": PT Fajar Techno System
"asn": AS56245
"geoname_id": 12290942
"currency": {
"name": Indonesian Rupiah
"code": IDR
"symbol": Rp
"time_zone": {
"offset": 8
"current_time": 2022-05-17 06:51:27.821+0800
"current_time_unix": 1.652741487821E9
"is_dst": false
"dst_savings": 0

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