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Hostname lfbn-cay-1-18-154.w92-142.abo.wanadoo.fr
Continent Code SA
Continent Name South America
Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) GF
Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) GUF
Country Name French Guiana
Country Flag country__flag
Country Capital Cayenne
State/Province Guyane
City Cayenne
Zip Code 97300
Latitude & Longitude of City 4.94173 , -52.32089
Geoname ID 3380424
Is EU? false
Calling Code +594
Country TLD .gf
Languages fr-GF
ISP France Telecom Orange
Connection Type
Organization Orange S.A.
AS Number AS3215
Currency Euro
Currency Code EUR
Currency Symbol
Timezone America/Cayenne
Timezone Offset -3
Current Time 2024-07-12 12:11:59.302-0300
Current Time Unix 1.720797119302E9
Is DST? false
DST Savings 0

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"hostname": lfbn-cay-1-18-154.w92-142.abo.wanadoo.fr
"continent_code": SA
"continent_name": South America
"country_code2": GF
"country_code3": GUF
"country_name": French Guiana
"country_capital": Cayenne
"state_prov": Guyane
"city": Cayenne
"zipcode": 97300
"latitude": 4.94173
"longitude": -52.32089
"is_eu": false
"calling_code": +594
"country_tld": .gf
"languages": fr-GF
"country_flag": https://ipgeolocation.io/static/flags/gf_64.png
"isp": France Telecom Orange
"organization": Orange S.A.
"asn": AS3215
"geoname_id": 3380424
"currency": {
"name": Euro
"code": EUR
"time_zone": {
"offset": -3
"current_time": 2024-07-12 12:11:59.302-0300
"current_time_unix": 1.720797119302E9
"is_dst": false
"dst_savings": 0

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