Registry RIPENCC
Allocated On 2001-11-07
Country fi.png Finland
Country Code FI
Total Routes 2
Total IPs 8192

IP Address Ranges

RangeTotal IPs 4096 4096

Whois Details

as-block:       AS21281 - AS21390
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
source:         RIPE
aut-num:        AS21348
org:            ORG-SSPO1-RIPE
as-name:        KOPTERIFI
descr:          KOPTERIFI is autonomous system. Located in Vammala Finland
import:         from AS790 accept ANY
import:         from AS39699 accept ANY
import:         from AS719 accept ANY
export:         to AS790 announce AS21348
export:         to AS39699 announce AS21348
export:         to AS719 announce AS21348
admin-c:        TJ458
tech-c:         TJ458
status:         ASSIGNED
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-by:         SSPOY-MNT
source:         RIPE
organisation:   ORG-SSPO1-RIPE
org-name:       Lounea Palvelut Oy
org-type:       LIR
address:        PL 108
address:        24100
address:        Salo
address:        FINLAND
phone:          +358 2970700
admin-c:        TJ458
admin-c:        RP413-RIPE
admin-c:        TJ458
admin-c:        SR1000-RIPE
admin-c:        MR15973-RIPE
abuse-c:        AR15150-RIPE
mnt-ref:        RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref:        SSPOY-MNT
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:         SSPOY-MNT
source:         RIPE # Filtered
person:         Jussi Tiensuu
address:        Viksbergintie 1 1
address:        30100 FORSSA
phone:          +358 29 7070 515
nic-hdl:        TJ458
source:         RIPE # Filtered
mnt-by:         FSP-MNT