ipgeolocation.io is built by JFreaks Software Solutions in Lahore, Pakistan. As a part of JFreaks, we have been in the software development business for three years. Our expertise includes Data Analysis and location-based application development. ipgeolocation was born out of our own need for such service in various client related projects. We conceived the idea in late 2017, started work in early 2018 and shipped the first public release of our API in May 2018.

We are constantly growing since our launch and have been trusted by thousands of developers and businesses around the globe. We have bootstrapped ourselves toward profitability in less than a year and today we are 100% customer funded company.

Our IP Data

Our database comprises above 25 million IP Address ranges which makes us one of the largest IP Data providers. Our purpose built proprietary crawlers scan IP address allocations across all registries daily and trace their location to city level accuracy. Apart from these crawlers, we partner with ISPs to keep our database up to date. Another important source of data is the user reported entries. We then aggregate data from all these sources and push multiple updates per week.


Our infrastructure comprises multiple redundant data nodes and edge nodes. Data nodes are hosted on AWS and edge nodes are hosted on Cloudflare. Our Data Nodes load our complete IP Location DB in hot memory to avoid any disk read and to provide blazing fast IP Lookup. Both edge nodes and data nodes are globally deployed on multiple geographic locations including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherland, Germany, France, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia and more across five continents. We route users requests to the nearest and fastest combination of Edge and Data Node with Cloudflare's DDoS protected load balancer. The combination of our blazing fast IP Lookup nodes and Cloudflare's global traffic steering makes us "The Fastest IP Geolocation Service". Multiple redundancy levels in our infrastructure enable us to offer 99.99% uptime SLA on all of our paid plans.


We wouldn't have been successful without these great opensource projects.

  • Geonames - Geographical database that covers all countries.
  • Who's On First - A big list of administrative places with descriptive properties.
  • OpenStreetMap - A collaborative opensource world map project.