What is IP Geolocation?

IP Geolocation is the technique of finding approximate physical location of an internet connected device with the help of an IP Address

Which type of information is provided by IP Geolocation?

GeoIP location provides data such as city, state, country, continent, zip code, time zone and local currency etc.

How accurate is IP Geolocation?

IP Geolocation is not as accurate as GPS and its accuracy depends on various factors. Our database is 99% accurate in country level and around 70% accurate in city level. The accuracy for mobile networks is lower than that of wired networks. We are working hard to improve our results

Which database do you use?

We have developed our own database from scratch and we don't use any third party database. Our solution however utilizes various open source projects which helped us in compiling our database. We've however used some of the available databases to benchmark the accuracy of our method.

Is your database available for download?

Currently its not available for download but we are working on providing this to the public very soon. It will be available in various forms and formats.

How often do you update your data?

Our data is updated on monthly basis.

What are the situations when the use of IP Geolocation is not recommended?

The accuracy of IP Geolocation is very volatile and we approximate it to the center of the city. So it should not be used in products which requires street level accuracy such directions etc. It should be used for content personalization, location based targeting for a particular city / country, digital rights management to restrict the users from a particular region to access contents which are not licensed for that boundary.

Can I cancel my plan any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription any time you want and there is no long term commitment. You will not be charged after your plan is cancelled

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Apple Pay and all credit / debit cards. We use Paddle as our payment processor and distribution partner. All of transactions will appear from "Paddle.com Market Limited".

Do you allow commercial or production use of your free plan if my requests are within the limits of free plan?

No. We don't allow commercial use of our free plan. Please upgrade to one of our paid plans for commercial use.

Do you have daily or hourly threshold on number of requests being made?

Yes. We do have limit on number of requests in the Free (Developer) subscription, and it is 1500 requests per day.

But, we don't limit the number of requests on any paid subscription. You can consume all of your request quota in a single day. We created this service for batch processing in mind. So, we don't throttle user requests at all.

Which plan should I chose if my requirement is volatile over a period of year?

If you are a seasonal business or a business whose requests depend on marketing campaigns, you can either start with smaller plan and rely on our surcharge pricing when you exceed your quota or signup for an annual plan. For annual plans, we don't have monthly limits. Instead we apply annual limits. So if your monthly plan provides you 1 Million requests per month, its annual counterpart will provide you 12 Million requests per year. Requests remainining for a particular month will be carried over to next month.

Are you GDPR compliant and do you store IP addresses we query in your database?

Yes. We are GDPR compliant and don't store any of the IP address you query. We just store the count of requests you make through our API for billing purpose only.

Can you sign Data Protection Addendum with my organization in EU?

Yes. We comply with GDPR and will sign DPA with paid EU customers on request. Please contact us through live chat or contact us form if you are a paid customer for signing DPA.